What happens in Vegas...

Yes, I promised to upload photos and I send you a video instead. Typical me, right? This time the video is a slideshow from my Vegas-tour. I had problem figuring out how to put so many photos in one post without taking up so much space. Me myself, hate scrolling down more than necessary, so I hope I made it more comfortble for you too. Any questions? Just ask! ... FYI: I forgot to check the spelling in the video.
It took a while to adjust to the time-difference, good enough to come back home to cold CNY. Even though it's a very nice weather in most pics, it could be chilly in the wind. I have seen so much things, done things I've never done before and got even more experienced in travle, speaking even so. Once in a lifetime, definitively.

Your paws made a print

 "When you die" by Säkert!
*I throw dirt on your coffin
I've noticed that's how you do
I mumble, wonder about the Gods
Who I don't believe in, at all.
I whisper into the pillow,
what's the point with all of this?
We could just as fine returned to
that you would still exist,
that you would be here.
If the dirth I threw would grow,
become a grain over your grave.
Then they would say, in a hundred years:
Never that a grain would be cut down.
'Cause they will tell you that's the best tree
the town has ever known.
And so can everything that once were you
still be here for,
those who will arrive later.
Or they will cut you down either way.
And turn you to paper wood in the factory.
In that case I would start write letters with pencil again.
In that case, I would write you wealthy

The "Fill-Out"-Post

I've been in love with "the Vampire Diaries" on and off for four years, as it has been airing. I say F* Damon/Elena, F* Stephan/Elena. F* this whole Twilight-story-line. Damon/Alaric is beautiful. For real.
Yeah, I know. Now it's been an other week, or two, since I've been writing a post. I've been busy working with the best job in the world and around that hanging out with wonderful people. I have just not been on my computer to write, neither taken a lot of pictures to upload. But today I met the new Au Pair and we had a really great time! :) In one week I will be in Las Vegas, then I promise I'll update some more, with pictures and everything.
Bye, bye and night-night sweet readers :)

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