Finished school

Well, I looked in a mirror before jumping in the shower, and this is what I saw. After 30 minutes of workout on the crosstrainer, it made me feel really good about myself. I am also proud of sticking to my plan. I have become a work-out-freek... almost.
I've quit the BOCES today, my English-lessons. I did not complete my 60 hours of studying, though I have done half. Wich means I will be able to combine this with the Silverbay course for 3 credits (the other half). This is sort of like a camp over a weekend, though you have to study, and it's for au pairs. I really hope this will work, since they changed the rules and BOCES is no longer for au pairs, in different words, my work there would have been for nothing. FML. Although, if this would be the case, I will hunt them down and it will instead be FTL...


I am trying to have a subject in hand when I'm about to write a post. I don't this time. B has been sleeping for three hours now, so my coffee-brake has been a long one today. She will probably wake up any second, so lets see if I'll finish this one. Am in a really good mood today, had the opportunity to sleep seven hours, good enough, right?
I am really, really looking forward to this Vampire Diaries-episode tonight. But since I still have English-lessons to go to, I will have to watch it online, tomorrow.... Sucks.


Going to see Tarantion's latest movie "Django Unchained" tonight and it better be good becuase I'll be sacrifying my Walking Dead-night. But I think it will be! :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

 My Valentine turned out to be pretty awesome. I've never celebrated it for real. But this day I got my candy-package from mom, and also a gift from my hostfamily. After a workingday I met up the other au pairs for Bowling wich was the end of a really amazing day!

The Superbowl Game

Hi! So my last post was confusing. Sorry about that, just as "Don't drink and drive" you should not "Sleep and write"... or something?
Last night, me and the new girl Liese, drove to Skaneateles to meet the other au pairs to watch the Superbowl. It was also a way to say goodbye to Bruna, who travled back home today after being an au pair for a whole year. Congratulation on your year and I wish you the greatest luck on your next adventure!
I will be honest with you and say that I'm not a sports fan, so watching football for two hours didn't get me much smarter. Or maybe a little, I was actually cheering on! A good part of the show were Beyonce in halftime. Not my kind of music, but I was really impressed. After Beyonce's preformance, we sadly had to leave, before it got too late. A drive that was supposed to take an hour turned into two, because of the snow.
I. Hate. Winter.


Superbowl today and every American will drink, eat and scream at a TV-screen this evening. American Football is America. Went to Bruna's today to watch Superbowl and I am super tired now so here is just some photos from yesterday-shopping!
Finally I found my self a new jacket (at Forever 21). I can only dry-clean this one. I'll try to remember that. 
I think that my Swedes are laughing back at home when they see this. I got one of my own (at Debs)!
Well... I couldn't resist. Even tough the only size available were Large (at Spencer's).
I'm having an obsession with owls. New scarf that I love (from Debs too)!
New earings and gloves. Just because I wanted to (from Vanity, at sale of course).

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