Soft kitty, warm kitty...

My weekend has been awesome. As always. Yesterday I went swimming, 50 F*ing lanes! I felt pretty good with myself and later I met up with Quintin and Tiana.
This Sunday I dragged myself to Hot Power Yoga. Have nothing else planned today exept buying the bustickets to New York City (for when my Mom comes visiting) and talk to wonderful Helen on Skype. But after my day right now, I feel pretty much the same as this kitten! Watch and smile!
Yeah, I love cat-movies on youtube. Sue me!

Book Shopping!

In this cold and snowy March (even the first day of spring) Tiana and I felt that we could be in need of some books, so we visit Barnes and Nobel. Me myself love walking in bookstores, and even buy books, wich leads to I might read them. Yeah... Wich I think is so sad but also wierd. I remember when I first learned how to read and you couldn't get a book out of my face. At that time I was only six/seven years old and I fell alseep reading "Bamse" (a Swedish comic-book for children) every night until my collection were all out -and I had them all! I got older and Harry Potter was my next goal. I don't think I finished them though, but I remember being proud that I tried. And now... Well, I read when I have the time, sort of. Which is never! But I'll give it a try and hope I'll be able to bring you some good news of the result!
I am lazy today, so I'll bring you a webb-cam-pic and a borrowed one!

St. Patty's Picture!

Here's a picture of my awesome evening. Suit up people!

You'd like freaky before

I had a weekend off. Both from work and my blog. God, I slept in half through Saturday. Didn't do anything important that day. Had a workout on the eliptical and then a trip to target for later going out and eat sushi with B and H-mom.
Yesterday was St. Patrick's day. I was hoping I would have pictures to show you, but I don't have a single one! It was green, Irish and awesome! It started out with amazing dinner with H-family and later meeting up with the awesome gang! :) Had a really great time people, thank you very much!

It's Friday, Friday!

How many of you heard Rebecca Black's voice in your head, reading the headline? Yeah, I thought so, mehehe.
I worked Wednesday this week, wich means tomorrow, Saturday, I'm off work. That really makes this Friday more special to me, a whole weekend to look forward to. Awesome!
So now I'm off for my break and later we're going to Cortland for Gymclass and after that Yoga for me. It's been a whole week since last time, so I'm really looking forward to it! And when I come back home it's more plans to do. Meeting the Au Pairs for the movie "Oz -the Great and Powerful". Awesome!

So F excited!

My mom's coming to visit and we have now booked rooms. It feels really great and I can't believe it's not even a month away! So we've booked rooms for two nights in New York City, YAY! :) Well, that's all I'm gonna write today, have a good one! :)
 Two pictures of the room we might stay in. Pretty sweat after all!

Swedish eurovision songcontest

For you who read my blog and aren't from Europe, let me explain!
The Eurovision Songcontest is a songconest (obviously) in Europe. It airs once a year for whole Europe to watch and each country has a song to represent. The country who wins gets to have the event in thier country (wich is a big deal). Last year Sweden won (WOW) and it is a big deal back home right now.
Swedish Eurovision on the other hand is a songconest for the "real" Eurovision. Wich means that the winner gets to sing thier song in the Eurovision. The Swedish Eoruvision ended this weekend and I have been following it online from a Swedish website. Well... I'm a little bit disappointed in Sweden for how you were voting (the program airs live and you call for the song you want to go to the final).
The Result... a song that kind of grows on you:
My wish of result:
Swedens song that made us win last year, even for the ones who can't hear music:
If you want to check out more clips, I'm sure you can find it on youtube! Have a great day everyone! :)

St. Patrick's parade

Three days later and here comes some pictures of the green, Irish parade! Had a really great time in Syracuse and hope people around me had too. Well, everyone had good stuff to drink, so I think so! Here's some pictures! :) (From both me and Tiana)
Peace and drink
Having a mustach could make you famous
Very crowded...
Green, Irish and my hostdad was right. I did see a clown!
Back at the motel. Party!

Six months in USA

Totally F-ing Crazy! I made it for six months and now I only have six months left to go. Not that I really want to. I can't believe that in only six months I will leave this place. This wonderful place with wonderful people that I will have in my heart for the rest of my life. Oh, God, I am not gonna talk more about this, it makes me sad, only thinking about it.
But anyhow! Time runs fast and I can't believe I'm already halfway through my program. I remember my last day in Sweden. Everything was ready. I have woken up. The suitcases were ready. My cat was hugged and wet of my tears. I spend my time with Dad, Tessan and the family before we hugged good bye and I broke down once again. Mom picked me up, with the bags and I hugged my grandparents before we left to Mom's place. My brothers' went with me and Mom and we had dinner together. Can't remeber what we ate... Falun sausage with mashed potatoes and tomato-sauce? After dinner we watched "The Boat that Rocked", one of my favorites and we went to bed. I didn't sleep. Maybe one hour. Then we drove to the airport together and hugged once again, and again. I didn't cry then. Maybe because I didn't sleep. Which was a big mistake for later.
Me and the Bros <3
Of course I miss home sometimes and that's why I don't want to extend my program in the aftermath. But that day I just wrote down, the one I will never forget, is the day I took my next step. I began my first great adventure that day and I remember we said "You'll be back in no time"-"Yes, when you see it in the driving-mirror".
Kind of true, right?

I won't give up

Not much happening today. Working, and thinking of what to do when B wakes up. Probably go outside and play. I just wish that the God damn snow would melt away completely. I love snow, but during Christmas or New Years. Then it is beautiful. Not when it is just piles of frozen snow everywhere. No thank you!
Yesterday I met Tiana and we went shopping for St. Patrick's Day. Yes, I know, Patty's day is a week away, but in Syracuse, there will be a parade. That parade will be this Saturday. So it will be the green, Irish day for two weekends, sort of :) After our shopping we went for dinner. I just had a sallad because I had dinner earlier and then we heard this song, wich Tiana already were familiar with, so she informed me of what song it was. Now I can't stop listening to it! :)

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Mom on your birthday! Hugs and kisses from your daughter far far away :)


Gaah, I'm having my chick-flick-moments once again. I just spend my break watching an old One Tree Hill episode and can't wait for tonight, when the new episode of "Heart of Dixie" (picture) will air. I'm also starting to upload pictures from google in my posts once again... Good or bad? Well, at least it gives my posts a better look, I guess.
On Saturday it will be the parade of St Patrick's Day in Syracuse! Wich means I have to get something green to wear. Shopping tomorrow, hopefully! :)
I feel bad for B. I'll have to wake her up in ten minutes, so we have time to get ready for going away to Cortland once again. Although, the kid have already slept one and a half hour. Plus 20 minutes in the car earlier today... That will do.


Yeah, I'm turning into a yoga freak. I'm really hooked and tonight is Hot Yoga. It makes me feel good about myself, -a really awesome feeling.

I do have a life

Had a great time this Wednesday with the other Au Pairs and I even took some pictures this time! Applebees with desserts-coupons is a great night!
Tiana :))
Missy :))
Me and Liese :))
The French brothers :)) Blurry x)

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