Without a broken bone

We went skiing today and I actually had a great time! I am not a good skier, never have been. But today I didn't fall a single time. And I didn't hate it. I know I shouldn't blame the snow or hills back home, but here the hills weren't as icy as they could be in Sweden. Since we have a lot of tourist coming to ski, the hills gets ruined immediatly. It wasn't a lot of people here, and less snowboarders. So the hills were just covered in snow (and not ice), which made it easier going down. At least, that's my opinion. I enjoyed my day anyway!

I found a solution of how to get my calender up without touching the wall nor closet.
Thank you so much friends and family for the beautiful gifts!

A Christmas Experience!

I haven't updated in a while, 'cause it's been Xmas and around that a lot of work. But now I have some time over, so I'll update you a bit. I have a camera in hand so pictures will be shown shortly. Sadly enough I got it ready the day after Xmas-day, so no pictures of the Holidays.
We got snow the 22th December, so we had a very white and merry Xmas. We have also had snowstorms the last couple of days and I don't like the American roads during the snowy winter. At all. I'm just say'n.
I'm really touch over all my Xmas-gifts from home and over here. I didn't expect to get any of them. But I did and it almost brought me to tears. I have consider the opportunity of extend my year over here and the more I think about it, the more I want to stay. But I skyped with my family during Xmas-eve and I watched them opening their presents for an hour. Just watch them, talking with eachother, laugh, trade gifts... That if something got me homesick. I don't wanna be away from home an other Xmas, I really don't. So I have this huge angst thinking it's only 8 months left. Maybe just extend three month?
So no pictures right now, but a song, as always. This time from Youtube because I couldn't find it on Spotify.
What else? We're going to Las Vegas in two or three weeks from now. I am so excited and promise that it will be more photo's. Also traveling to Florida in the end of April, YAY :)

Happy Apocalypse!

So the world didn't end after all? When I got to the breakfast-table this morning my hostdad pinched my arm, just to check I was real. So now we all know, the world didn't end. Allthough, what if it will end 12:00pm...?
Everything is done and prepared for Christmas and I'm really getting the Christmas-spirit here, which I never do back home in Sweden. Holidays here may just be bigger. So here is a Christmas-song from Bruce. Three days left untill Santa's arrival!... Well in Sweden, here I have to wait one day more.

Selfesteem's important for u'r soul

Today has been a real twisted day. It was planned to go and see the movie "Red Dawn" together with three other Au Pair-girls. I tried to gather us, but it wasn't easy when time and place wasn't right for two, and the third didn't respond at all. I got so bored just sitting in my room today, so I went to the cinemas anyway, alone. I didn't feel alone, I had just had enough. I wanted to see "the Hobbit", but it was sold out when I got there, so I ended up with "Life of Pie" instead. In the beginning I regret that I didn't just wait for next show of "the Hobbit" to start. But when the movie had been running for a while I fell in love. This is a really beautiful work and art. I was just stunned!
Here is the official full song of "Life of Pi" and some amazing clips from the movie, without spoilers :)
Pi is a boy from India who's moving with his family, by boat, to Canada. The ship sinks and he's the only survivor -and a tiger. They both need the lifeboat and therefor have to cooperate to survive their way home.

To end this post I just want to admit that watching a movie by myself at the cinemas didn't make me lonley. It only encourage my selfesteem. A well-learned lesson today and I'm real greatful for this day afterall :)

Have a very Merry Christmas

I am in a period of my life when I'm just so happy. So I am celebrating that with the Swedish Christmas-Spirit. Today is Lucia, a Swedish (or Scandinavian?) holiday. Lucia is a saint, symbolizing peace and of course Christmas. I wanted to do something extrodinary just becuase of that, so for the first time in all my lives, I tried to bake my own Lussebullar (a Swedish pastery). They didn't turned out amazing, though I can still eat them. Here are some pictures of my day!
Swedish Christmas-Decorations! Smells wonderful!

The "Lussebullar"
Our Christmas-Tree! ... Stupid light in the camera-angle..
We sould never forget the glitter in our hair! At least us girls ;)

Have a happy Lucia and Holidays!

Visited New York City

I promised to post some more pictures of my adventures, and so will do. But it starts to get late and I'm tired, so I wont write so much, just show you. And early Merry Christmas and God Jul!
Central Park
Central Park. Clearly a lot of movies were filmed at this spot
Rockefeller Center
Ice-skating at Rockefeller
Good night my sweet readers :)

Ice-skating in Syracuse

I have been gone for a long time now, but I will try to return. It's been a lot of work, English-lessons and social-life. But I will post some more pictures soon again and here you go: Syracuse's Christmas-tree, right next to the magical ice-skating!

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