The "Fill-Out"-Post

I've been in love with "the Vampire Diaries" on and off for four years, as it has been airing. I say F* Damon/Elena, F* Stephan/Elena. F* this whole Twilight-story-line. Damon/Alaric is beautiful. For real.
Yeah, I know. Now it's been an other week, or two, since I've been writing a post. I've been busy working with the best job in the world and around that hanging out with wonderful people. I have just not been on my computer to write, neither taken a lot of pictures to upload. But today I met the new Au Pair and we had a really great time! :) In one week I will be in Las Vegas, then I promise I'll update some more, with pictures and everything.
Bye, bye and night-night sweet readers :)

Postat av: Helen

Las Vegas... You lucky girl!!!!!!

2013-01-14 @ 16:48:52

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