What happens in Vegas...

Yes, I promised to upload photos and I send you a video instead. Typical me, right? This time the video is a slideshow from my Vegas-tour. I had problem figuring out how to put so many photos in one post without taking up so much space. Me myself, hate scrolling down more than necessary, so I hope I made it more comfortble for you too. Any questions? Just ask! ... FYI: I forgot to check the spelling in the video.
It took a while to adjust to the time-difference, good enough to come back home to cold CNY. Even though it's a very nice weather in most pics, it could be chilly in the wind. I have seen so much things, done things I've never done before and got even more experienced in travle, speaking even so. Once in a lifetime, definitively.

Postat av: Monika Frederiksen

Häftigt Moa! Är så glad för dig att du får uppleva så mycket! Måste vara en härlig familj du bor hos! Kram / Monika

2013-01-27 @ 17:46:58

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