We visited Florida this last couple of days and just wanted to let all of you know that it's a warm state. Hot with hurricanes and gators. I had a real blast down there and wanted to show you some pictures. Becuase I am actually getting better with using my camera!
Hanging out on the beach. Awesome
Visited the waterpark "Wet n' Wild". Had an amazing time!
At Seaworld I "learned" to get over my silly fears.
Seacows are really big
You know a parrot is Spanish if you stand a couple of inches from it and it suddenly goes "Hola!"
Met and ate alligator (neither one of these). Heard something about carma... Should I worry?
But after making a new friend I relized gators are kind of cute. (Not a great picture, but still...)

Postat av: Jacqueline/Seedless

S.s läggs ner. Sidan dampade så kontaktar dig här istället. Om du ser min mailadress kan du höra av dig?

Älskar alligatorer btw xD

2013-05-03 @ 16:42:51

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