Swedish eurovision songcontest

For you who read my blog and aren't from Europe, let me explain!
The Eurovision Songcontest is a songconest (obviously) in Europe. It airs once a year for whole Europe to watch and each country has a song to represent. The country who wins gets to have the event in thier country (wich is a big deal). Last year Sweden won (WOW) and it is a big deal back home right now.
Swedish Eurovision on the other hand is a songconest for the "real" Eurovision. Wich means that the winner gets to sing thier song in the Eurovision. The Swedish Eoruvision ended this weekend and I have been following it online from a Swedish website. Well... I'm a little bit disappointed in Sweden for how you were voting (the program airs live and you call for the song you want to go to the final).
The Result... a song that kind of grows on you:
My wish of result:
Swedens song that made us win last year, even for the ones who can't hear music:
If you want to check out more clips, I'm sure you can find it on youtube! Have a great day everyone! :)


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