I won't give up

Not much happening today. Working, and thinking of what to do when B wakes up. Probably go outside and play. I just wish that the God damn snow would melt away completely. I love snow, but during Christmas or New Years. Then it is beautiful. Not when it is just piles of frozen snow everywhere. No thank you!
Yesterday I met Tiana and we went shopping for St. Patrick's Day. Yes, I know, Patty's day is a week away, but in Syracuse, there will be a parade. That parade will be this Saturday. So it will be the green, Irish day for two weekends, sort of :) After our shopping we went for dinner. I just had a sallad because I had dinner earlier and then we heard this song, wich Tiana already were familiar with, so she informed me of what song it was. Now I can't stop listening to it! :)


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