Book Shopping!

In this cold and snowy March (even the first day of spring) Tiana and I felt that we could be in need of some books, so we visit Barnes and Nobel. Me myself love walking in bookstores, and even buy books, wich leads to I might read them. Yeah... Wich I think is so sad but also wierd. I remember when I first learned how to read and you couldn't get a book out of my face. At that time I was only six/seven years old and I fell alseep reading "Bamse" (a Swedish comic-book for children) every night until my collection were all out -and I had them all! I got older and Harry Potter was my next goal. I don't think I finished them though, but I remember being proud that I tried. And now... Well, I read when I have the time, sort of. Which is never! But I'll give it a try and hope I'll be able to bring you some good news of the result!
I am lazy today, so I'll bring you a webb-cam-pic and a borrowed one!


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