Springsteen & I

I don't think this is an active blog anymore. But I will write when I can and want to, and we will see how it goes.
This video is a trailer for the documentary of Bruce Springsteen, which I attended to this last monday. I went by myself, because the people I got around me here isn't crazy enough. There is nothing wrong/crazy with Bruce, I'm just saying I'm a crazy and devoded fan. Though, a lot of the Bruce-fans out there are "worse" (better?) than me.
Anyway, this movie manage to make me laugh and cry or just smile through the whole thing. That is power. People, all around the world, have their own story about their love to Bruce. The people in this movie is just so adorable and I could relate to all the things that were said. The stories was mostly from people who have actually met Bruce. I have not. I have not stand in the front of the stage or brought a sighn with me every time. I'm one of those who stand in the back, having a beer or some other kind of drink, singing along with his music, connect with other fans like me -strangers. So yeah, there is crazier fans than me, I can admit that.
But watching this movie made me think of my true moment with Bruce. It's close to a year ago that I saw Bruce live, last time. My parents have brought me to several conserts, but his music didn't just came to me. His music grew on me and today I'm greatful for all my parents have giving me. All the playing of grammophone records, in the car or the conserts of course. I have adored Springsteen for a really long time, but this consert a year ago was special to me.
I had brought my best friend, Julia, who weren't a big fan of Bruce. But hey, going to a consert was never bad, right? I remembered we took the train and once we got to Gothenburg it was pouring outside. It wasn't just raining, it was a freaking storm. All the buses and trians were cancelled and we had to walk to the constert, wich was twenty minutes away. Once we got there we were soaked, I remembered being soaked to my skin. We waited for Bruce on three hours, just standing outside in rain, though the storm had calmed down. I changed looks with Julia and I could see on her that she thought "this isn't worth it".
But then Bruce entered the stage. The sun was once again showing on the sky, the crowed was sheering and all the waiting was forgotten. Bruce was there and everything was okay.
That consert was the best four (five?) hours of my life. So thank you, Bruce. Thank you for the music.


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