Superbowl today and every American will drink, eat and scream at a TV-screen this evening. American Football is America. Went to Bruna's today to watch Superbowl and I am super tired now so here is just some photos from yesterday-shopping!
Finally I found my self a new jacket (at Forever 21). I can only dry-clean this one. I'll try to remember that. 
I think that my Swedes are laughing back at home when they see this. I got one of my own (at Debs)!
Well... I couldn't resist. Even tough the only size available were Large (at Spencer's).
I'm having an obsession with owls. New scarf that I love (from Debs too)!
New earings and gloves. Just because I wanted to (from Vanity, at sale of course).

Postat av: Monika Frederiksen

Nice Moa! Way to go ;) Kram / Monika

2013-02-23 @ 11:54:22

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