Summer is around the corner

I let my blog be asleep for a very long time. Why? Because I was too I guess. It was doing so good with being an active blogger, and suddently I just stoped. Well, honestly, I've been homesick for a while, once again, so maybe it has something to do with that.
Anyway! Today my area director and au pairs took me to see the falls here in Ithaca. It's absolutely incredible how I have not seen the falls during my seven months here. But now I have and it's absolutely amazing! And now when spring's coming up, it was just the perfect day!
Enjoy my many pictures!
We started out with Buttermilk Falls. Looking forward to swim here in the summer!
The weather was with us today, though not all ice is gone, still.
Then it was Taughannock Falls. Even bigger then Niagra Falls, and I will get proof next weekend!
People who've been here. I should have put my name there too, right?
The hiking-road to the fall were on the river. Amazing
Here I am!
A bit breezy outside, but never cold. Awesome
Beautiful, isn't it?
Spring is here!
and so are the ducks!
And so are we. We made it!


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