In love with New York City

Hey you guys! I'm here once again. Yes, I am alive! I wanted to show you some pictures from when I visited New York City together with my Mom! :)
View from the Empire State Building. Raining, blowing and chilly, But it was worth it!
Times Sq is a most do, every time you visit NYC
We visited the "Today"-Show. But unfortunately they only talked about Boston bombing, so no show. RIP<3
Went into FAO Schwarz, a big toy-store. Missed my Swedes a bit when I saw this one <3
Beautiful, expensive dolls in the girl-section. Guess which one I now own...?;)
Guess who!
Central Park always bring you a show. Reminded me of "Mumford and Sons"
This is how pretty much every flag in America looks like after Boston Bombing, even to this day.
Visit this Scandinavian place and got me some salmon and dill. Very happy girl.
Saw "The Lion King"-musical. Twice in a lifetime <3
At "Ground 0" in memory for 9/11.
In Washington Sq Park before going home. NYC is awesome <3


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