But now Breaking Dawn

Nothing like a good piano-play.
I got to meet an other au pair-girl today, which turned out to be an success! We went to see a movie after a long working-day. We chose "Breaking Dawn: Part II". I accually liked it, even though I'm far from a Twilight-fan. The things I don't like about "The Twilight Saga" is Kirsten Stewart's acting, Edwards depressions, Jacob's baby face and the fairily-vampires. But in this last movie they proved me wrong. Even though I didn't love it, I did not hate it as well. The first thing I saw was Kirsten Stewart acting, WOW. I saw Edward smile, Jacob getting over Bella (turns pedofile instead, though..). The vampires stayed the same though, but that wasn't the main focus and it was okay. A really great evening, thank you! :)


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