Without a broken bone

We went skiing today and I actually had a great time! I am not a good skier, never have been. But today I didn't fall a single time. And I didn't hate it. I know I shouldn't blame the snow or hills back home, but here the hills weren't as icy as they could be in Sweden. Since we have a lot of tourist coming to ski, the hills gets ruined immediatly. It wasn't a lot of people here, and less snowboarders. So the hills were just covered in snow (and not ice), which made it easier going down. At least, that's my opinion. I enjoyed my day anyway!

I found a solution of how to get my calender up without touching the wall nor closet.
Thank you so much friends and family for the beautiful gifts!

Postat av: Monika Frederiksen

Vad proffsig du ser ut i din outfit! Jag läser "ifatt" dina bloggar just nu... Kram / Monika

2013-02-23 @ 12:09:36

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