Selfesteem's important for u'r soul

Today has been a real twisted day. It was planned to go and see the movie "Red Dawn" together with three other Au Pair-girls. I tried to gather us, but it wasn't easy when time and place wasn't right for two, and the third didn't respond at all. I got so bored just sitting in my room today, so I went to the cinemas anyway, alone. I didn't feel alone, I had just had enough. I wanted to see "the Hobbit", but it was sold out when I got there, so I ended up with "Life of Pie" instead. In the beginning I regret that I didn't just wait for next show of "the Hobbit" to start. But when the movie had been running for a while I fell in love. This is a really beautiful work and art. I was just stunned!
Here is the official full song of "Life of Pi" and some amazing clips from the movie, without spoilers :)
Pi is a boy from India who's moving with his family, by boat, to Canada. The ship sinks and he's the only survivor -and a tiger. They both need the lifeboat and therefor have to cooperate to survive their way home.

To end this post I just want to admit that watching a movie by myself at the cinemas didn't make me lonley. It only encourage my selfesteem. A well-learned lesson today and I'm real greatful for this day afterall :)

Postat av: Monika Frederiksen

Är stolt över dig! Kram / Monika

2013-02-23 @ 12:22:37

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