Have a very Merry Christmas

I am in a period of my life when I'm just so happy. So I am celebrating that with the Swedish Christmas-Spirit. Today is Lucia, a Swedish (or Scandinavian?) holiday. Lucia is a saint, symbolizing peace and of course Christmas. I wanted to do something extrodinary just becuase of that, so for the first time in all my lives, I tried to bake my own Lussebullar (a Swedish pastery). They didn't turned out amazing, though I can still eat them. Here are some pictures of my day!
Swedish Christmas-Decorations! Smells wonderful!

The "Lussebullar"
Our Christmas-Tree! ... Stupid light in the camera-angle..
We sould never forget the glitter in our hair! At least us girls ;)

Have a happy Lucia and Holidays!


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