I do have a life

Had a great time this Wednesday with the other Au Pairs and I even took some pictures this time! Applebees with desserts-coupons is a great night!
Tiana :))
Missy :))
Me and Liese :))
The French brothers :)) Blurry x)

Finished school

Well, I looked in a mirror before jumping in the shower, and this is what I saw. After 30 minutes of workout on the crosstrainer, it made me feel really good about myself. I am also proud of sticking to my plan. I have become a work-out-freek... almost.
I've quit the BOCES today, my English-lessons. I did not complete my 60 hours of studying, though I have done half. Wich means I will be able to combine this with the Silverbay course for 3 credits (the other half). This is sort of like a camp over a weekend, though you have to study, and it's for au pairs. I really hope this will work, since they changed the rules and BOCES is no longer for au pairs, in different words, my work there would have been for nothing. FML. Although, if this would be the case, I will hunt them down and it will instead be FTL...


I am trying to have a subject in hand when I'm about to write a post. I don't this time. B has been sleeping for three hours now, so my coffee-brake has been a long one today. She will probably wake up any second, so lets see if I'll finish this one. Am in a really good mood today, had the opportunity to sleep seven hours, good enough, right?
I am really, really looking forward to this Vampire Diaries-episode tonight. But since I still have English-lessons to go to, I will have to watch it online, tomorrow.... Sucks.


Going to see Tarantion's latest movie "Django Unchained" tonight and it better be good becuase I'll be sacrifying my Walking Dead-night. But I think it will be! :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

 My Valentine turned out to be pretty awesome. I've never celebrated it for real. But this day I got my candy-package from mom, and also a gift from my hostfamily. After a workingday I met up the other au pairs for Bowling wich was the end of a really amazing day!

The Superbowl Game

Hi! So my last post was confusing. Sorry about that, just as "Don't drink and drive" you should not "Sleep and write"... or something?
Last night, me and the new girl Liese, drove to Skaneateles to meet the other au pairs to watch the Superbowl. It was also a way to say goodbye to Bruna, who travled back home today after being an au pair for a whole year. Congratulation on your year and I wish you the greatest luck on your next adventure!
I will be honest with you and say that I'm not a sports fan, so watching football for two hours didn't get me much smarter. Or maybe a little, I was actually cheering on! A good part of the show were Beyonce in halftime. Not my kind of music, but I was really impressed. After Beyonce's preformance, we sadly had to leave, before it got too late. A drive that was supposed to take an hour turned into two, because of the snow.
I. Hate. Winter.


Superbowl today and every American will drink, eat and scream at a TV-screen this evening. American Football is America. Went to Bruna's today to watch Superbowl and I am super tired now so here is just some photos from yesterday-shopping!
Finally I found my self a new jacket (at Forever 21). I can only dry-clean this one. I'll try to remember that. 
I think that my Swedes are laughing back at home when they see this. I got one of my own (at Debs)!
Well... I couldn't resist. Even tough the only size available were Large (at Spencer's).
I'm having an obsession with owls. New scarf that I love (from Debs too)!
New earings and gloves. Just because I wanted to (from Vanity, at sale of course).

What happens in Vegas...

Yes, I promised to upload photos and I send you a video instead. Typical me, right? This time the video is a slideshow from my Vegas-tour. I had problem figuring out how to put so many photos in one post without taking up so much space. Me myself, hate scrolling down more than necessary, so I hope I made it more comfortble for you too. Any questions? Just ask! ... FYI: I forgot to check the spelling in the video.
It took a while to adjust to the time-difference, good enough to come back home to cold CNY. Even though it's a very nice weather in most pics, it could be chilly in the wind. I have seen so much things, done things I've never done before and got even more experienced in travle, speaking even so. Once in a lifetime, definitively.

Your paws made a print

 "When you die" by Säkert!
*I throw dirt on your coffin
I've noticed that's how you do
I mumble, wonder about the Gods
Who I don't believe in, at all.
I whisper into the pillow,
what's the point with all of this?
We could just as fine returned to
that you would still exist,
that you would be here.
If the dirth I threw would grow,
become a grain over your grave.
Then they would say, in a hundred years:
Never that a grain would be cut down.
'Cause they will tell you that's the best tree
the town has ever known.
And so can everything that once were you
still be here for,
those who will arrive later.
Or they will cut you down either way.
And turn you to paper wood in the factory.
In that case I would start write letters with pencil again.
In that case, I would write you wealthy

The "Fill-Out"-Post

I've been in love with "the Vampire Diaries" on and off for four years, as it has been airing. I say F* Damon/Elena, F* Stephan/Elena. F* this whole Twilight-story-line. Damon/Alaric is beautiful. For real.
Yeah, I know. Now it's been an other week, or two, since I've been writing a post. I've been busy working with the best job in the world and around that hanging out with wonderful people. I have just not been on my computer to write, neither taken a lot of pictures to upload. But today I met the new Au Pair and we had a really great time! :) In one week I will be in Las Vegas, then I promise I'll update some more, with pictures and everything.
Bye, bye and night-night sweet readers :)

Without a broken bone

We went skiing today and I actually had a great time! I am not a good skier, never have been. But today I didn't fall a single time. And I didn't hate it. I know I shouldn't blame the snow or hills back home, but here the hills weren't as icy as they could be in Sweden. Since we have a lot of tourist coming to ski, the hills gets ruined immediatly. It wasn't a lot of people here, and less snowboarders. So the hills were just covered in snow (and not ice), which made it easier going down. At least, that's my opinion. I enjoyed my day anyway!

I found a solution of how to get my calender up without touching the wall nor closet.
Thank you so much friends and family for the beautiful gifts!

A Christmas Experience!

I haven't updated in a while, 'cause it's been Xmas and around that a lot of work. But now I have some time over, so I'll update you a bit. I have a camera in hand so pictures will be shown shortly. Sadly enough I got it ready the day after Xmas-day, so no pictures of the Holidays.
We got snow the 22th December, so we had a very white and merry Xmas. We have also had snowstorms the last couple of days and I don't like the American roads during the snowy winter. At all. I'm just say'n.
I'm really touch over all my Xmas-gifts from home and over here. I didn't expect to get any of them. But I did and it almost brought me to tears. I have consider the opportunity of extend my year over here and the more I think about it, the more I want to stay. But I skyped with my family during Xmas-eve and I watched them opening their presents for an hour. Just watch them, talking with eachother, laugh, trade gifts... That if something got me homesick. I don't wanna be away from home an other Xmas, I really don't. So I have this huge angst thinking it's only 8 months left. Maybe just extend three month?
So no pictures right now, but a song, as always. This time from Youtube because I couldn't find it on Spotify.
What else? We're going to Las Vegas in two or three weeks from now. I am so excited and promise that it will be more photo's. Also traveling to Florida in the end of April, YAY :)

Happy Apocalypse!

So the world didn't end after all? When I got to the breakfast-table this morning my hostdad pinched my arm, just to check I was real. So now we all know, the world didn't end. Allthough, what if it will end 12:00pm...?
Everything is done and prepared for Christmas and I'm really getting the Christmas-spirit here, which I never do back home in Sweden. Holidays here may just be bigger. So here is a Christmas-song from Bruce. Three days left untill Santa's arrival!... Well in Sweden, here I have to wait one day more.

Selfesteem's important for u'r soul

Today has been a real twisted day. It was planned to go and see the movie "Red Dawn" together with three other Au Pair-girls. I tried to gather us, but it wasn't easy when time and place wasn't right for two, and the third didn't respond at all. I got so bored just sitting in my room today, so I went to the cinemas anyway, alone. I didn't feel alone, I had just had enough. I wanted to see "the Hobbit", but it was sold out when I got there, so I ended up with "Life of Pie" instead. In the beginning I regret that I didn't just wait for next show of "the Hobbit" to start. But when the movie had been running for a while I fell in love. This is a really beautiful work and art. I was just stunned!
Here is the official full song of "Life of Pi" and some amazing clips from the movie, without spoilers :)
Pi is a boy from India who's moving with his family, by boat, to Canada. The ship sinks and he's the only survivor -and a tiger. They both need the lifeboat and therefor have to cooperate to survive their way home.

To end this post I just want to admit that watching a movie by myself at the cinemas didn't make me lonley. It only encourage my selfesteem. A well-learned lesson today and I'm real greatful for this day afterall :)

Have a very Merry Christmas

I am in a period of my life when I'm just so happy. So I am celebrating that with the Swedish Christmas-Spirit. Today is Lucia, a Swedish (or Scandinavian?) holiday. Lucia is a saint, symbolizing peace and of course Christmas. I wanted to do something extrodinary just becuase of that, so for the first time in all my lives, I tried to bake my own Lussebullar (a Swedish pastery). They didn't turned out amazing, though I can still eat them. Here are some pictures of my day!
Swedish Christmas-Decorations! Smells wonderful!

The "Lussebullar"
Our Christmas-Tree! ... Stupid light in the camera-angle..
We sould never forget the glitter in our hair! At least us girls ;)

Have a happy Lucia and Holidays!

Visited New York City

I promised to post some more pictures of my adventures, and so will do. But it starts to get late and I'm tired, so I wont write so much, just show you. And early Merry Christmas and God Jul!
Central Park
Central Park. Clearly a lot of movies were filmed at this spot
Rockefeller Center
Ice-skating at Rockefeller
Good night my sweet readers :)

Ice-skating in Syracuse

I have been gone for a long time now, but I will try to return. It's been a lot of work, English-lessons and social-life. But I will post some more pictures soon again and here you go: Syracuse's Christmas-tree, right next to the magical ice-skating!


Yeah, I know, where is all the pictures? Honestly, I haven't been able to get my camera to work. I don't know what happen. One day it just wouldn't start, it died. So I will bring you some music instead, to lighten up your mood and hopefully get a new, sheeper camera, or use the one on my mobile...
It has started to snow now. It's very cold and I'm so happy I bought a bigger, thicker and warmer scarf on the "Black Friday"-sale.
  • What is the "Black Friday"-sale?
"The Black Friday" is the Friday after Thanksgiving, since Thanksgiving's always celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. And at this Friday all the stores have a huge sale on everything, or at least some deals. This sale starts 12pm on Thursday all 24 hours, to 12pm Friday. Though, there is a lot of stores that keep the sale going on the hole weekend.
Just a look on what Black Friday gave me. Scarf and T-shirt from Old Navy.
Yes, I know, I'm in my bathroom.

But now Breaking Dawn

Nothing like a good piano-play.
I got to meet an other au pair-girl today, which turned out to be an success! We went to see a movie after a long working-day. We chose "Breaking Dawn: Part II". I accually liked it, even though I'm far from a Twilight-fan. The things I don't like about "The Twilight Saga" is Kirsten Stewart's acting, Edwards depressions, Jacob's baby face and the fairily-vampires. But in this last movie they proved me wrong. Even though I didn't love it, I did not hate it as well. The first thing I saw was Kirsten Stewart acting, WOW. I saw Edward smile, Jacob getting over Bella (turns pedofile instead, though..). The vampires stayed the same though, but that wasn't the main focus and it was okay. A really great evening, thank you! :)

Skyfall, not Breaking Dawn

So, what don't you do for a bucket of buttery popcorn with free refill? Yeah, I know, but I didn't keep the bucket, one of the other AuPair-girls did. This evening started out good with a couple of hours with bowling, then a very entertaining dinner and for last we went to the movie theaters, whatching "Skyfall". What I thought would be a two hours event at most, turned out to be six hours of fun! So I was very happy, but also very tired when I went home, after a 30 minutes drive home.

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