Yeah, I know, where is all the pictures? Honestly, I haven't been able to get my camera to work. I don't know what happen. One day it just wouldn't start, it died. So I will bring you some music instead, to lighten up your mood and hopefully get a new, sheeper camera, or use the one on my mobile...
It has started to snow now. It's very cold and I'm so happy I bought a bigger, thicker and warmer scarf on the "Black Friday"-sale.
  • What is the "Black Friday"-sale?
"The Black Friday" is the Friday after Thanksgiving, since Thanksgiving's always celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. And at this Friday all the stores have a huge sale on everything, or at least some deals. This sale starts 12pm on Thursday all 24 hours, to 12pm Friday. Though, there is a lot of stores that keep the sale going on the hole weekend.
Just a look on what Black Friday gave me. Scarf and T-shirt from Old Navy.
Yes, I know, I'm in my bathroom.

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Vad fin du är i dina nya kläder! Snö & 13 grader kallt här förresten ;) Kram / Monika

2012-12-06 @ 20:36:22

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