Finished school

Well, I looked in a mirror before jumping in the shower, and this is what I saw. After 30 minutes of workout on the crosstrainer, it made me feel really good about myself. I am also proud of sticking to my plan. I have become a work-out-freek... almost.
I've quit the BOCES today, my English-lessons. I did not complete my 60 hours of studying, though I have done half. Wich means I will be able to combine this with the Silverbay course for 3 credits (the other half). This is sort of like a camp over a weekend, though you have to study, and it's for au pairs. I really hope this will work, since they changed the rules and BOCES is no longer for au pairs, in different words, my work there would have been for nothing. FML. Although, if this would be the case, I will hunt them down and it will instead be FTL...

Postat av: Helen

Way to go darling!!! Guttke will be proud!

2013-03-02 @ 10:20:33

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