Six months in USA

Totally F-ing Crazy! I made it for six months and now I only have six months left to go. Not that I really want to. I can't believe that in only six months I will leave this place. This wonderful place with wonderful people that I will have in my heart for the rest of my life. Oh, God, I am not gonna talk more about this, it makes me sad, only thinking about it.
But anyhow! Time runs fast and I can't believe I'm already halfway through my program. I remember my last day in Sweden. Everything was ready. I have woken up. The suitcases were ready. My cat was hugged and wet of my tears. I spend my time with Dad, Tessan and the family before we hugged good bye and I broke down once again. Mom picked me up, with the bags and I hugged my grandparents before we left to Mom's place. My brothers' went with me and Mom and we had dinner together. Can't remeber what we ate... Falun sausage with mashed potatoes and tomato-sauce? After dinner we watched "The Boat that Rocked", one of my favorites and we went to bed. I didn't sleep. Maybe one hour. Then we drove to the airport together and hugged once again, and again. I didn't cry then. Maybe because I didn't sleep. Which was a big mistake for later.
Me and the Bros <3
Of course I miss home sometimes and that's why I don't want to extend my program in the aftermath. But that day I just wrote down, the one I will never forget, is the day I took my next step. I began my first great adventure that day and I remember we said "You'll be back in no time"-"Yes, when you see it in the driving-mirror".
Kind of true, right?


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