Ssc and Esl taken care of!

I finally got my SSC (Social Security Card)! Which means the goverment keeps an close eye on me and an even closer hand around my money. When they have both their eyes on me I have turned more paranoid and will not, among other things, download anymore. So no more Supernatural or Vampire Diaries (We do not have theCW, or we do and I have not found it yet, among 2000 chanels). Let's see how long I can keep that up!

I have now, during the baby's naphour, applied for ESL-class (English as a Second Language). The funny part is that I did talk to them for a month ago and they told me I was to good for apply. During this month I've looked over other options, and the results turned out to be the same English-class. So I called them today and booked an appointment for this monday. I'll start study again! YAY!


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